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The role of the Internet and the World Wide Web in the daily lives brought us revolution in the way we look for and acquire access to information ( sixth chapter presents the implementation of Search Engine Marketing and effects mainly Search Engine Optimization to promote the Group's website PEOPLECERT. An Internet search tool is the search engines seo service meaning which constitute an effective information search method for a company or a service and thus attract visitors to a website Enterprise (Chaffed :). Each site holds a specific position in the engine result list Search increasing competition and creating a new discipline, Search Engine Marketing. The Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is a form Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites and increase their visibility in the results pages of search engines (SERP) through the Search Engine Optimization processes and PPC (Mitchell). The Search Engine Optimization is a structured method which improves ranking of a website in the list of organic results (SERP) machines Search for specific words or key phrases which interferes with the structure and the content of a website to be as friendly as possible to the machines Search.

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(Chaffed :). Classified into two major categories, the White Hat and Black Hat, which may well have the same purpose nonetheless machines Search not accept as Black Hat techniques in this category to try to ?ool (Michael and Salter :). The White Hat category therefore includes techniques that are applicable to content of a website and to external factors that are particularly "Dear" in the seo company search engines and have a leading role in the promotion of (Michael and Salter :). Part of promoting a website form and optimization tools results in the search engines as the proper and regular use of tools these show secure results and conclusions for errors They should be corrected to a website. The following chapters attempt a detailed analysis of the action's promotion of a website.
Specifically in the second chapter defines the concept of internet services are presented that make up the means by which collect information and what are the main reasons to use for the year according to the Greek Statistical Authority. The importance of search engines is discussed in chapter three and presents the seo company categories which divided. Moreover, the focus on popular engines Search and market share occupied. In the fourth chapter is an approach to the concept of Marketing of search engine or else Search Engine Marketing (SEM) focusing mainly on the tools, the Search Engine Optimization and optimization methods results in search engines. The fifth chapter presents the results of optimization tools in Search engines base their usefulness as the search words keys, control and optimize the website and additional tools sightseers.

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Furthermore, a detailed presentation of the results They brought these actions. In the seventh chapter presents the results obtained by both the primary and the secondary investigation. Finally, in the eighth chapter indicate the literature used for writing the dissertation. Chapter INTERNET. Introduction Every day millions of people around the world use the Internet to search and retrieve information in a wide range of topics. This information They appear in various forms, such as text, image, audio or video. Businesses, research laboratories, news agencies, television networks, governments, and other organizations contribute to the development of this information. People They communicate with each other, exchange information and make commercial and business transactions. All this activity is possible because dozens thousands of networks connected to the Internet and exchange information. Never before so much information from a wide variety of sources and in so many forms not It was available to the public.
Internet Set The Internet or else the Internet, as is known in English, is a global computer network, which best seo services extends to almost every part of the world and It provides services to millions of users, regardless of time and space. In addition, it allows users to share information and other sources and to perform business transactions. The computer communication becomes possible through the Transmission Control Protocol (Transmission Control Protocol- TCP) or otherwise the Internet Protocol (Internet Protocol- IP) and through various functional systems. (Shelly et al. :). Internet History As mentioned above, the Internet see more has become a means of communication.